Bikes Make Life Better


Bikes Make Life Better is the first business-to-business consulting firm dedicated entirely to helping organizations use bicycles to achieve core business objectives. Our vision is to integrate bikes into corporate culture—creating a bicycle ecosystem—to impact people, the planet and profitability.

Our Credo

We embrace organizations with an appetite
for the long view

We believe bicycles will lead the way to sustainability

One bike makes a difference

Many bikes shape the future

The choice is simple

We know that you know

Bikes make life better

Our Team

Amy Harcourt and Kurt Wallace Martin, the principals of Bikes Make Life Better, are business and bicycle enthusiasts to the core. They founded the company out of a shared conviction that bikes deliver on this promise. They’ve built a staff of a dozen skilled and innovative bike specialists who know pretty much everything there is to know about bikes. With a firm grasp on environmental issues and corporate culture, the company brings innovative ideas and solutions to leading organizations.

Amy Harcourt

Amy spent 15 years in corporate marketing and more than a decade operating her own marketing consultancy. She has worked with high-tech start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and large government agencies, understanding the motivations that drive decisions. Amy came to San Francisco from the Midwest with a bike and no car. She rides all around the Bay Area—including to and from client meetings—and is determined to look good doing it (yes, she rides in heels!). When she’s not working, she takes long scenic rides that involve lots of chatting and coffee. Her mission: to help people like her make the shift to bikes.


Kurt Wallace Martin

Kurt conducted his masters studies in environmental education before it was “cool” to be green. He performed business IT for Ford Motor Company for 12 years and was on the team that integrated mobile devices into cars. Kurt ran a design and consulting practice for years and loves identifying the opportunities lying dormant within complex systems. He’s put in extensive miles bike commuting and racing in Japan and Europe. Kurt comes from Detroit where cars rule the road, often commuting by bike even in the snow. His mission: to make it easy for others to do the same!

Contact us if you’re considering bikes for your organization, we’re here to help.


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