Bikes Make Life Better helps forward-thinking organizations enhance transportation, sustainability and wellness by providing best-in-class bicycle programs.

Each program, large and small, is efficient and effective. And often, downright fun. Our programs have supported measurable improvements for some of the world’s most successful companies. Read some of our most emblematic client stories.

Our Credo

  • We embrace organizations with an appetite for the long view.
  • We believe bicycles will lead the way to sustainability.
  • One bike makes a difference. Many bikes shape the future.

Our Team

Amy Harcourt and Kurt Wallace Martin, the principals of Bikes Make Life Better, are business and bicycle enthusiasts to the core. They founded the company out of a shared conviction that bikes do in fact make life – and work life – better.

They’ve built a staff of 20 skilled and innovative bike specialists who know everything there is to know about bikes – and how they help achieve core business objectives.

They ride countless miles and drink endless cups of coffee. They sleep, but not usually on the job.

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