Ikea Gives 12,400 US Workers a New Bike

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I’m sitting in my office at Bikes Make Life Better World Headquarters, at my Ikea desk, looking at my Ikea bookcase, rifling through papers in my Ikea file cabinet when the following message pops up on my computer:

“Ikea Gives 12,400 US Workers a New Bike”

As my Dutch friends like to say, mimicking our English superlatives “OMG Awesome!” The Swedes might be saying the same thing as Ikea posts a very good year.

“With a strong commitment to good health and being environmentally conscious, IKEA selected an all terrain bike as the holiday co-worker gift for 2010…Why a bike? Because when it comes to sustainable transport, a bicycle is a great option. And when it comes to healthy living, riding a bike is one of the best cardio forms of exercise.”

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