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Bicycles are simple and have been moving people around for a long time. Yet their use in a corporate setting—to solve complex business issues—is new and evolving. We stay on top of—and create—best practices so you don’t have to. We make it easy, effective and affordable. We are your go-to, hands-on bike consultants.

To help you create and run a healthy bike ecosystem, we provide assistance in the following areas:


  • Bikes & accessories:
    Company bike fleets, loaner bikes for employees, helmets, lights, bags; GPS and locking systems
  • Facilities:
    Secure bike parking, LEED certification, bike repair stations; bike repair hubs; end-of-trip facilities

Operational Support

  • Liability and risk management
  • Bike fleet maintenance and rebalancing
  • On-site employee bike repair
  • Bike and transportation technology solutions

Employee Engagement

  • Routing, mapping and multimodal transportation support
  • Bike challenges with recognition and reward systems
  • Workshops and instructional materials
  • Bike events, Bike-to-Work Day planning
  • Commuter tax benefits
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Group rides and bike buddies

Integration into Corporate Culture

  • Alternative transportation
  • Sustainability programs
  • Wellness initiatives and Fitness Center activities
  • Marketing and PR
  • Stats tracking for internal and external reporting

If it relates to bikes in an organizational setting, we’ve got you covered. We make businesses bike friendly.

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