Want to Bike to Work? Apply for a Bike Commuter Makeover, on us!

If you’ve never tried riding to work before, but are excited to give it a go when your workplace is open, tell us why you’d be a good candidate and you could win a bike commute makeover. You provide the can-do attitude, and we’ll provide the bike, gear, route help, education, and more!

Note, it doesn’t matter when you are going back to the office, we will get you biking for essential trips now and transition to commuting later.

Also, we’re looking for a candidate who is willing to document the process and allow us to share the story with our community.

Bikes Make Life Better is dedicated to helping employees at large organizations use bikes for healthy sustainable transportation. They’ve helped design bike programs, facilities, and fleets for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, Stanford, Uber and others.