Bike Perks & Incentives for Your Employees

Companies with anywhere from 10 to thousands of employees, in all corners of the country, want their workers to ride bikes. For all the reasons: Parking a bike at work costs way less; biking to work makes for a healthier workforce; bike amenities act as recruiting tools…we could go on.  But a host of hyper-specific barriers (no bike, fear of cars, unsure of routes) coupled with the difficulty of breaking with routine make the shift to bikes really tough to pull off.

So, some companies are trying to motivate this shift with incentives and programs that run the gamut from basic U racks to an in-house cyclocross course. Read on for where to find a pump track at work, employers that give their workers bikes, and other “bike bennies” that help get people into the bike lane. Then copy the ones you like at your workplace!

By Anna Walters, Bikes Make Life Better