Bikes Make Life Better! Here’s How……

Virtual Classes

It’s that time of year! Time to get on your bike – to get around, to get fresh air, and to have some fun. To help you get the most from your bike now, and when you return to the office, sign up for the following virtual (Zoom) classes for expert instruction and Q&A.

NOTE: We are in the process of rescheduling these webinars for later this year. Thanks for your patience; feel free to check back or email with any questions.

Bikes for Commuting TBD
Best practices for using bikes for transportation, including route planning, equipment and gear, proper use of lights and locks, and how to ride safely in traffic.

Fix-a-Flat TBD
Detailed information and demo of the various types and causes of flats, how to repair them and how to properly inflate tires.

Winter Bike Riding TBD
In-depth information on how to dress for wet and cold weather, how to safely ride in the dark, and how to prepare your bike for winter riding.

1:1 Bike Support

Do you have questions about biking? You’re not alone! We’re happy to help with any questions you might have, like how to ride safely, route planning, maintenance, and purchasing bikes and accessories.

Submit Your Questions

Please submit your questions below or email us at One of our Bike Program Coordinators will email you asap!

Bikes Make Life Better is dedicated to helping employees at large organizations use bikes for healthy sustainable transportation.