Our list of clients says more about them than it does about us. Each has dedicated resources to helping its employees opt for a bike – to get to and from work and around during the day. In many cases, this commitment runs deep. We pop a wheelie in their honor!


Case Studies

We invite you to discover some of the most emblematic bike programs we developed. Maybe you’ll recognize your organization in them and find some inspiration for your next project.

The Mobile Bike Concierge

How does a business park with nearly 30,000 employees encourage and enable more bike commuting?

Salesforce Tour de Force Bike Room

How do you turn a long, narrow storage space into a functional and attractive bike room?

GPS-Enabled Company Bike Fleet

How does a company efficiently protect its fleet of bikes from loss and theft?

Company Bikes as a Healthy Perk

How does a national health care provider offer company bikeshare when it’s not quite sure how to get rolling?

The Hub: Real-World Bike Services

How does the largest social networking company connect employees to real-world bike and commute services?

Minimizing Risk And Liability

How does a company launch a bikeshare program with minimal risk and liability?

World-class End Of Trip Facility

How does a real estate company build an End of Trip (EOT) bike facility inside a historic building that will serve bike commuters today and down the road?