We often think first of the risks: Bike accidents. Injured employees. Lost, stolen, and vandalized bikes.

It’s a wonder that any corporation, government agency or university has implemented a bike fleet. Yet the best and brightest have – and have done so successfully.

It’s a clear and growing trend: innovative organizations are getting tremendous value out of bike fleets. And many have found a way to balance the risk with the reward.

The drive to implement a company bike fleet can come from Transportation, Facilities, Sustainability, Marketing, HR, or the Executive Office. That’s a broad spectrum of functional areas that see the benefits of a bike fleet. But this interest and enthusiasm is often met with push back from Risk Management and Legal.

We know and appreciate both sides of this issue. The solution lies in maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks.

Let’s start with risk mitigation

The best approach is to have a carefully developed plan from the outset that includes all of the things companies can do to reduce risk. A company’s liability and risk management plan should include specific tactics for:

  • Insurance
  • Bike repair and maintenance
  • Helmets and lights
  • Check-in/out system
  • Bike security
  • Requirements for employee participation
  • Employee waivers and agreements
  • Program policies and procedures
  • Safe cycling education
  • Maps and tips for navigating local routes
  • Ongoing employee communications

Bike share programs implemented using all of the above tactics, greatly reduce their exposure.

Weigh this exposure against the numerous benefits in:

  • Transportation
  • Sustainability
  • Employee Engagement
  • Wellness
  • Recruiting
  • Marketing/PR

There are many reasons why top companies have bike fleets. Bikes are a healthy and enjoyable way to get around. They are time and cost efficient. They’re great for the environment and for a company’s reputation. They’re a competitive amenity and show which companies are forward thinking.

Is a company bike fleet risky business? Not when it’s done well.

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