End-of-Trip Bike Facilities Planning & Design

Urban office district


How do real estate companies build End of Trip (EOT) bike facilities inside a historic building that will serve bike commuters today and down the road?


When Pembroke Real Estate acquired 100 California in the heart of downtown San Francisco, it saw an opportunity. The historic office building already housed a gym, was close to trendy lunch and happy hour spots, and sat a block from the city’s main bike and transit corridor. Basically, a location that would appeal to bike commuters, a fast-growing segment in San Francisco. But, the building lacked robust bike amenities.

So Pembroke set out to create an End-of-Trip (EOT) facility for bicyclists. “As forward thinking long-term owners, we wanted to both meet and exceed the demand,” said Caroline Johns, Sr. Project Manager for Pembroke, in a talk she gave for the Bikes Make Life Better Online Bike Forum series. “Not only as a differentiator now, but because we believe it’s not just a trend—the use of these centers will continue.”

Pembroke approached Bikes Make Life Better to help design a cutting edge EOT center at 100 CAL (as the Boston-based company affectionately took to calling its first building in San Francisco) that would serve the needs of bikers for decades to come. Bikes Make Life Better conducted site visits, sifted through city data, and then provided recommendations on the size, design, and features for an EOT facility that bikers would be excited to use.


The end result is a 5,300 square foot commuter’s paradise with double-decker bike racks that conserve space while giving 100 CAL breathing room to grow its biker population; 60-day-use lockers, spacious enough to fit helmets and gear and outfitted with keypads they may be assigned to regular commuters; six showers—enough to avoid a bottleneck during the morning rush; and a towel drying room, so commuters don’t have to repack wet things for the ride home. The EOT function is totally set off by its form, with vibrant splashes of orange and blue and a mural of SF’s bikeways anchoring the space, 100 CAL really has it all if you like to bike.

Listen to Caroline Johns present on how 100 CAL’s EOT facility came to be—including before and after photos—as part of the Online Bike Forum, a monthly series curated and produced by Bikes Make Life Better.

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