From Reticent to Regular Rider — Using a Behavior Change Model to Design Effective Bike Programs

We know from experience that no single class, incentive, or approach will motivate someone to shift from their car to a bike. That’s because behavior change is a process with distinct stages.

So how do you know what interventions and programming will work?

Jessica Roberts, Principal at Alta Planning + Design, shows us how Stages of Change theory — an academic model of assessing and categorizing individual desire to change behavior — can help planners and program managers empower more people to ride. In this forum, Jessica covers:

  • The five Stages of Change, as applied to the decision to ride a bike
  • How to segment your audience for more effective marketing
  • How to deliver the right interventions at the right times
  • Ways to use this behavior change theory to guide your bike program
  • Measuring program success

Jessica Roberts
Alta Planning + Design

Anna Walters
Events and Communications Manager
Bikes Make Life Better