How Facebook’s Bike Program Shifted to 100% Virtual

Biking is rooted in the experiential, so how, then, do you create a bike program in the age of Zoom-every-which-thing? With smart innovations and a willingness to embrace technology, Facebook’s team of Bicycle Program Coordinators have found creative ways to engage employees, even when very few are commuting to the office. In some cases, its virtual bike programs are reaching more riders than ever and garnering participants from across the globe!

Watch Tiffany Seeney, Facebook’s Transportation Manager, and Laura Brigham, the Bike Program Coordinator to learn how the company pivoted from in-person classes, rides, 1:1 consults and events to a 100% virtual program — complete with social rides, hands-on classes, and events that center on community participation. You’ll gain insight into:

  • How to design and run virtual bike classes
  • The wonders of Zwift rides for a global audience
  • 1:1 consults for everything from route planning to bike repair
  • How to host events without in-person celebrations
  • COVID-19 considerations for all kinds of bike engagement

Tiffany Seeney
Transportation Manager
Facebook Inc.

Laura Brigham
Bike Program Coordinator at Facebook

Bikes Make Life Better

Anna Walters
Events and Communications Manager
Bikes Make Life Better