How PeopleForBikes is Helping Northwest Arkansas Employers Be Bike Friendly

Move over Portland, Oregon — Northwest Arkansas is vying to be bike-friendliest of them all! Take the 250 miles of mountain biking trails in the region, for instance. Or the Razorback Regional Greenway, a 37.6 mile shared-use trail spanning three counties and connecting dozens of communities. Then there is Walmart’s ambitious pledge to get 10% of employees at their Northwest Arkansas headquarters to commute by bike by 2023 (for context, in most major U.S. cities, only about 2 – 3% of people travel regularly by bike).

The latest play to boost bike-friendliness in the region comes from PeopleForBikes who recently launched a five-year Bike Business Innovation Program aimed at increasing the number of employees who bike to and from workplaces in Northwest Arkansas. Soon NWA will truly have it all when it comes to bikes!

Watch this Online Bike Forum with PeopleForBikes’ John Paul Shaffer, Bike Business Innovation Director, and Kristie Holt, Bike Business Innovation Manager, to learn about their work in Northwest Arkansas, including:

  • Their data-driven approach to bike programs in the region
  • Bike incentives at the company-level
  • What it takes to create convenient, social, and seamless bicycle commute experiences
  • Ride Spot, a platform that rewards people for riding and helps them find safe bicycle routes, track rides, and more
JP Shaffer

John Paul Shaffer
Northwest Arkansas Bike Business Innovation Director
PeopleForBikes Coalition

Kristie Holt

Kristie Holt
Northwest Arkansas Bike Business Innovation Manager
PeopleForBikes Coalition

Anna Walters
Events and Communications Manager
Bikes Make Life Better