Meet Our Mobile Bike Info Centers

We love bikes and are crazy about them when they do double duty! Think pedicabs with a sound system, a blender bike making smoothies, or a roving conference table!

That’s why we jumped when Stanford Research Park asked us to create a mobile, eye-catching, and flexible solution to take bike-related info to 30,000 employees at 150 companies spread out over roughly three square miles. We went to the drawing board to design something that could be pedaled up and down the area’s hills; situated anywhere; and quickly transformed into a one-stop-shop for employee bike questions.

The first “Mobile Concierge” Bikes Make Life Better created.

That was three years ago. Since then, we’ve created three more “Mobile Concierges” for our clients, and we’re proud to introduce them below. But first, we’ll explain how a Mobile Concierge works and some best practices.

The Mobile Concierge Explained

So what exactly is a Mobile Concierge (or MC for short) ? It’s an e-bike with a trailer-mounted “pop-up” information center, operated by knowledgeable staff.

The system consists of three parts: an electric bike, a trailer, and a custom “box” that serves as the info center and storage for materials.

Best Practices

Once parked, the Mobile Concierge makes an impressive info station for sharing tips and advice to enable more bike commuting. We’ve used them as check-in stations at Bike to Work Day, bike info booths at transportation fairs, and stand-alone pop-ups where employees congregate.

Our clients have varied and specific uses for their MCs, but we’ve found that an MC is a great solution for the following scenarios: 

  • At large corporate campuses where employees are spread over a significant, but bikeable, distance
  • As a stand-in for a brick and mortar location — for clients who lack real estate, but would like to have a recognizable “presence” at their work site
  • For those who don’t want to carry event materials to a site by auto or those who like having everything — including the transportation — all in one place and ready to go!

Meet the Original

Our first Mobile Concierge has been in service for more than three years and is now widely recognized by employees at Stanford Research Park. The MC and its handler travel to about 20 events each year — typically wellness and transportation fairs held at various employers. But there are always those oddball uses: like biking doughnuts and coffee to each of SRP’s five energizer stations on Bike to Work Day.

Stanford Research Park’s MC checking in participants at an electric bicycle demo event (above) and the box loaded with Bike to Work Day goodies (right).

Meet Connie

Facebook’s Transportation department saw SRP’s Mobile Concierge at a conference and decided to commission its own. Fondly nicknamed “Connie,” the Facebook MC has a streamlined design (its table space is smaller and doesn’t fold, like SRP’s MC), and is branded in Facebook blue. With Connie, Facebook’s bike staff can roll over to busy parts of campus, set up shop, and share all kinds of bike info with Facebook employees.

Connie, Facebook’s Mobile Concierge, ready to provide direction to commuters at tricky intersections and along the Bay Trail.

Meet MC Hammer

Last April, LinkedIn got a special delivery: MC Hammer! LinkedIn trots out MC Hammer once week for bike program office hours, rotating between four outdoor locations. Kyle Winslow, LinkedIn’s Bike Programs Manager, says the unique-looking MC is a conversation starter in and of itself. “Many employees don’t know that we have bike staff to help with their commutes, so if anything, the MC lets them know we exist.”

Kyle is ready to answer any bike commute question. Not pictured: Hammer pants.

MC Hammer popped up for an event (left) and down for storage (right).

Meet the New Kid on Campus

Stanford’s MC is about to hit the streets, sporting custom everything: frame color, umbrella, decals, and fenders. 

With Stanford Transportation’s recent move from Palo Alto to its new campus in Redwood City, having a mobile solution that doesn’t require a staffer to have special building access or access to company vehicles is very important. Now anyone who is trained can grab the MC, jet to a location on Stanford’s vast campus, and set up in a jiff.

Bikes Make Life Better is dedicated to helping employees at large organizations use bikes for healthy sustainable transportation. Interested in ordering a custom Mobile Concierge for your workplace? Drop us a line!