Minimizing Risk And Liability

Lucky Brand


How does a company launch a bikeshare program with minimal risk and liability?


Invest some time and effort upfront to ensure the program has built-in safety measures like repair and maintenance schedules, training and education and policies for helmet use.

Liability concerns can stall a company in rolling out bikeshare, and Lucky Brand was no exception. The apparel company, headquartered in downtown L.A., had most of its bikeshare program in place: enthusiastic and supportive executives, the right kind of bikes, and the most clever program name we’ve heard so far: LB Spoke…get it?

But Lucky wasn’t quite ready to launch. Its proposed program lacked a few crucial operational elements, including a good strategy for mitigating risk and liability. So, Lucky hired Bikes Make Life Better to provide ways for Lucky employees to stay safe on the road and shore up legal vulnerabilities.


When it comes to bikeshare, Bikes Make Life Better is well-versed in insurance, safe cycling education, waivers, maintenance schedules and parameters for bike usage and safety gear — all to ensure that companies do everything they can to make bikeshare safe and successful.

For Lucky’s program, Bikes Make Life Better provided recommendations for maintaining the bikes, including a detailed repair schedule. We prepared educational materials, with content tailored to fit the local geography and the kinds of trips employees were likely to take during the workday. We also crafted safety policies, including recommending helmet use.

At the end of the day, Lucky was able to launch LB Spoke knowing its employees were riding (safely) in style!

Check out the Bikes Make Life Better blog for more on Lucky’s program and why organizations are increasingly turning to bikeshare to keep employees healthy and happy.


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