New Bike Tech: Helping Employees Ride Using the “Social Network for Bikes”

Watch Eric Lynn from PeopleForBikes to learn how to get corporate employees riding bikes more often! Eric and his team have spent the past two years developing an app — called Ride Spot — that connects users to vetted regional rides and routes; the larger biking community; and other social aspects of riding, like photos and stories.

During this Online Bike Forum, Eric shares a sneak peak of a new Ride Spot module that helps organizations motivate, incentivize, and track the bike activities of employees, including:

  • Using RideCards and turn-by-turn navigation to help employees go to work by bike
  • Marketing rides by sharing visual stories
  • Rewarding those who ride with an easy to administer system based on mileage and frequency measurements
  • Using data collected by the app to guide decisions

Eric Lynn
Ride Spot – Program / Product Director
PeopleForBikes Coalition

Anna Walters
Events and Communications Manager
Bikes Make Life Better