Lessons Learned From Stanford: Award-Winning Bike Friendly Infrastructure

If you’re involved in any stage of land or facilities development, design, construction or transportation program management; if you need to factor in bike parking and want to save a lot of time and money, this is the session for you!

Stanford University, with an astounding 22% bike commute rate, was the very first to be designated a Platinum Bike Friendly University, in 2011. They’ve stayed at the top of the podium every year since and have continued to raise the bar on bike friendliness!

There are roughly 13,000 bikes on the Stanford campus each day, 12 miles of bike lanes and more than 19,000 bike parking spaces. Your bike needs may be smaller scale, but there are key lessons to glean from Stanford’s years of experience with what works well—and what doesn’t.

Watch our Online Bike Forum with Ariadne Scott, Bicycle Program Coordinator at Stanford Parking & Transportation Services, and Amy Harcourt, Co-Founder at Bikes Make Life Better, Inc. to see what happens when:

  • You don’t want bikes to detract from the aesthetic appeal and the look of the building
  • You don’t anticipate the needs of bike commuters and visitors early in the process
  • You make changes midstream or after project completion

Our speaker shared her favorite lessons learned, with stories, photos and Q&A. All within 30 minutes!