E-Bikes: A Bike Commuting Game Changer

With Morgan Lommele, E-Bikes Campaigns Manager, PeopleForBikes

Electric-assist bikes are changing the way we get around by lowering the barriers to riding and instilling confidence in wannabe bike commuters. E-bikes make it possible to leave the car at home for those who don’t think of themselves as cyclists, aren’t in tip-top physical shape and/or have a commute that’s longer than a few miles. The user base for electric bicycles continues to grow, and e-bikes are the fastest growing segment of the bicycle market.

This presentation covers the basics of e-bikes, technical specifications, safety information, e-bike rider demographics, current market trends, legislative and policy work to streamline e-bike definitions in state vehicle codes, and e-bike shares around the U.S. If you’re considering how you might use e-bikes to reduce SOV mode share, this Online Bike Forum is for you!