Changing the Commute Culture at Lyft

With Curtis Rogers
Former Account Operations Manager at Lyft

Why do people opt to drive their cars to work when the price of gas is high and the hours behind the wheel are many?

Because most workplaces offer free land for storage, AKA free parking. And when there’s no cost, most people will drive alone. Lyft, as a ride-sharing service, wanted to change this, so they tried an experiment straight from the playbook of Donald Shoup, America’s parking guru. They started leasing their spots to employees and redirected the funds to those who chose not to drive, to use for alternative modes. As a result, more people rode their bikes, walked, used Lyft, and took public transportation. Lyft learned many interesting things along the way.

Watch this Online Bike Forum to see the ins and outs of this innovative parking solution and how it might work for your organization.