Motivating Stanford Research Park Employees to Bike Commute

Bike commuting is the least expensive way to get to and from work. So, why don’t more employees do it – and employers support it? Barriers to cycling, both real and perceived, keep many from riding. To help your employees overcome these barriers, you need more than great bike facilities and incentives – you need ongoing engagement and support. Hands-on classes, routing assistance, bike repair, rides with seasoned bike commuters, mentoring relationships and one-to-one help go a long way to getting employees out of their cars.

Stanford Research Park is home to 150+ companies spread over 700 acres. Given their commitment to sustainable transportation, the Research Park has a robust bike program. In December 2018, the League of American bicyclists awarded SRP its highest honor – a Platinum level Bicycle Friendly Business designation. Learn how they do it to engage more of your employees to drive less and ride more!

What you will learn:

  • How to design a program to engage seasoned and new riders
  • How to measure success and adjust accordingly
  • How to adapt these ideas to your program

This Online Bike Forum is perfect for:

  • Transportation, Wellness and Sustainability professionals
  • Management or HR interested in employee engagement programs
  • Avid bike commuters and cycling club members who want to affect change in their organizations

Jamie Jarvis
Sustainable Transportation Director
Stanford Research Park

Anna Walters
Events and Communications Manager
Bikes Make Life Better

Host: Amy Harcourt
Bikes Make Life Better