Pictures tell stories better than words. Take a look at our wide array of work: customized bike fleets, EOT bike facilities, group rides, events and more.

Custom Details for Mozilla
We custom-branded bikes for Mozilla with many special details, including the Firefox flames on the fenders and fork
Mozilla’s Branded Bike Fleet
These custom-branded “Firefox” bikes help Mozillians get around San Francisco in style
Facebook’s Transit Hub
We designed and built a Transit Hub and Bike Shop on Facebook’s Menlo Park campus to help employees leave their cars at home
Facebook Bike Repair Class
Our staff helps Facebook employees bike commute by offering a ton of personal support, including bike repair classes
Salesforce Bike Room
We helped turn a dingy, narrow garage space into a functional and colorful bike room
LinkedIn Campus Bike
One of our bike fleet mechanics, who manages a fleet of 200 bikes, on just another Monday morning.
Facebook Campus Bikes and Helmet Tree
We manage many hundreds of campus bikes at Facebook
LinkedIn Fleet
These super comfy bikes have GPS, helping our staff make sure LinkedIn employees always have a bike on hand
Kaiser Bikes
We custom-branded bikes for Kaiser’s IT campus, putting a smile on everyone’s face
Kaiser’s Thrive Bikes
Kaiser employees use these bikes for errands, lunch, team building and recreational rides
Kaiser’s Thrive Bikes
Kaiser employees use these bikes for errands, lunch, team building and recreational rides
Live. Ride. Thrive.
Need we say more?
Lucky Brand Bikes
Lucky employees at Lucky Brand use these bikes to get around during the day. We provided the safe riding training and risk mitigation plan.
The Bike Forum
Bikes Make Life Better organizes this annual event for the world’s best companies and universities to learn effective methods for integrating bikes into a healthy, sustainable transportation program.
Bike Showcase
Folding bikes solve the first- and last-mile challenge so well!
100 California
This historic, multi-tenant building in downtown San Francisco has a super sweet bike center
Bike Entrance
100 Cal riders can easily find their way into the building’s bike center
Racks for Everyone
We designed the room with racks for every type of bike and cyclist
100 Cal Bike Center
Paint, lighting, floor treatment, and a San Francisco map mural, make all the difference
DIY Bike Repair
We designed the space to include a DIY repair station for easy fixes that get employees back on the road