Bike Access & Circulation Planning

Urban mixed-use redevelopment zone


A nationwide real estate developer came to Bikes Make Life Better with a clear and visionary request: create a comprehensive approach to bike infrastructure that will help realize their multi-phase, mixed-use urban re-development project as a vibrant, healthy and active neighborhood.


Our approach included a number of components to address how bike commuters, recreational cyclists, and visitors would travel to, from and within the development. We started with an Access & Circulation Plan, as well as a comprehensive audit of their striping and signage plans to help them gain permit approval, while ensuring that bikes remained front and center. 

We analyzed the existing circulation plan and street network for the surrounding area, including an evaluation of traffic stress levels for inbound and outbound bicycle travel. We reported on these findings with detailed maps and outlined specific recommendations for improving access points, streets and intersections. The report also included best practices for intersection design and wayfinding, with examples, considerations, materials, and maintenance.

We also conducted a detailed analysis of their striping and signage plans and made specific surface treatments recommendations for improvements. The report included examples for pavement markings, using best practices such as colored striping, bike lanes and bike boxes. For every key roadway and intersection, we documented the existing markings, identified issues and made recommendations for remedy to make these routes safe for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike.

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