End-of-Trip Bike Facilities Planning & Design

Urban office district


The owner of a well-established multi-tenant office district in a major metropolitan area wanted to provide state-of-the-art bike amenities for its tenants—and future tenants—so they turned to Bikes Make Life Better for help. Their request: turn a large first-floor retail space into best-in-class bike facilities, including secure bike parking, showers and lockers, and a bike shop, all to serve the thousands of professionals who commute to this destination daily.


We worked with the owners’ property management and architectural teams to design a large bike parking room with adjacent showers, lockers and changing areas, plus a commute-specific bike shop.

We planned the bike parking to be convenient, easy to access—with one’s bike and gear—and very secure, to support all tenants who commute by bike or e-scooter. We included a combination of racks to accommodate all types of micro mobility—including cargo bikes, e-bikes and scooters—and charging for e-bikes and devices. The room also includes amenities such as a DIY repair station, water bottle station, benches and cubbies.

A shower and locker facility next to the bike room makes it convenient to clean up after a long commute, before starting the workday or after a midday run or ride. There’s also a dedicated lounge for commuters to check their email, as well as space for bike-loving employees to meet up for group rides and other bike events. The jewel of this end-of-trip facility is the bike shop with commute-specific repairs, maintenance, gear and advice. 

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