Bikeshare Feasibility Studies

BioTech & Life Sciences Office Park


The landlords of a large multi-tenant biotech and life sciences office park, in a unique geographic location, needed to explore all transportation options to keep up with their rapid growth. Through their transportation management group, they asked Bikes Make Life Better to conduct a bikeshare feasibility study to determine if and how to select the right bikeshare system for their evolving needs.


Our Bikeshare & Scootershare Feasibility Study focused on System Design Considerations, Vendor Research and Selection, and Regulatory Requirements. The System Design included information to address the following considerations:

  • Use-cases such as first- and last-mile transportation; and circulation within the office park
  • Geography including integration with transit; station locations; and site requirements
  • Fleet selection such as size of fleet; type of bikes (pedal and/or electric) and station type (docking or dockless)
  • Operations including balancing, distribution, and retrieval; maintenance, repair and charging; storage and system management; and user experience
  • Risk mitigation such as legal, insurance and rider safety

The Vendor Research and Selection included:

  • Bikeshare systems commercially available and summary of metrics such as pricing, system locations and sizes, and ridership stats
  • Bikeshare vendors that were the best fit for this office park, with information on relevant experience, business stability, customer satisfaction, technology usage, and safety record
  • Detailed information from relevant vendors on hardware, software, operations, data, pricing, and safety protocols
  • Recommendations on which vendors were best equipped to meet their needs

Regulatory Requirements included:

  • Permitting and city/county regulations
  • Permitting rules for bikeshare at local transit stations

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