Bike-Friendly Real Estate

A Competitive Advantage

With the climate crisis at a crucial inflexion point; gas prices at their highest in decades; and a pandemic-fueled bike boom, it’s essential to build with bicycles in mind—for commercial, residential and mixed-use developments. 

This includes making bike access, circulation, parking and amenities safe and convenient for commuters, recreational cyclists and visitors alike. Investment in this planning will pay off in the long run as you seek to attract and retain the right tenants. While you know your project best, you may not have the specialized bike and transportation expertise to make key decisions when they matter most. 

The earlier we get involved, the better. But, we can help you at any phase of development—from planning and entitlements through construction to the first day of business—or any phase of renovation. When you’re working on the vision for your property, consider us for a consulting engagement. Or, bring us in at any point for strategic or tactical help. See examples of our work.

We’ve worked with some of the largest most influential real estate developers, architects and property managers in the business. 



Examples of our work:

Salesforce Bike Facility: A Total Transformation

Salesforce’s latest bike room is a case of alchemy—of turning a drab garage spot with abysmal bike access into a beautiful end-of-trip facility that’s functional and fun.

NEW: End-of-Trip Bike Facilities Planning & Design

How does a real estate company build an End of Trip (EOT) bike facility inside a historic building that will serve bike commuters today and down the road?

Bike Access & Circulation Planning

A nationwide real estate developer came to Bikes Make Life Better with a clear and visionary request: create a comprehensive approach to bike infrastructure that will…

Bikeshare Feasibility Studies

The landlords of a large multi-tenant biotech and life sciences office park, in a unique geographic location, needed to explore all transportation options to keep up with their rapid growth.

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