NEW: End-of-Trip Bike Facilities Planning & Design

How do real estate companies build End of Trip (EOT) bike facilities inside a historic building that will serve bike commuters today and down the road?

Bike Access & Circulation Planning

A nationwide real estate developer came to Bikes Make Life Better with a clear and visionary request: create a comprehensive approach to bike infrastructure that will…

End-of-Trip Bike Facilities Planning & Design

The owner of a well-established multi-tenant office district wanted state-of-the-art bike amenities for its tenants—and future tenants—so they turned to Bikes Make Life Better for help.

Bikeshare Feasibility Studies

The landlords of a large multi-tenant biotech and life sciences office park, in a unique geographic location, needed to explore all transportation options to keep up with their rapid growth.

How Genentech Piloted Electric Cargo Bikes to Replace Vehicle Trips (And You Can Too)

We’ve all heard that work will be different from now on: Flexible schedules; a blend of onsite and work-from-home (WFH) days per week; or, in some cases, total annihilation of the physical office. And as transportation professionals, we’re all anxious to know how this new work frontier will affect the commute.

World-class End Of Trip Facility

How does a real estate company build an End of Trip (EOT) bike facility inside a historic building that will serve bike commuters today and down the road?

The Mobile Bike Concierge

How does a business park with nearly 30,000 employees encourage and enable more bike commuting?

The Hub: Real-World Bike Services

How does the largest social networking company connect employees to real-world bike and commute services? Bikes Make Life Better runs all bike operations from The Hub, which have grown substantially as Facebook has expanded.

Salesforce “Tour de Force” Bike Room

How do you turn a long, narrow storage space into a functional and attractive bike room?

Minimizing Risk And Liability

How does a company launch a bikeshare program with minimal risk and liability?

Company Bikes as a Healthy Perk

How does a national health care provider offer company bikeshare when it’s not quite sure how to get rolling?

GPS-Enabled Company Bike Fleet

How does a company efficiently protect its fleet of bikes from loss and theft?