Bike Commute Makeover

If you’ve never tried riding to work before, but are excited to give it a go when your workplace is open, tell us why you’d be a good candidate and you could win a bike commute makeover. You provide the can-do attitude, and we’ll provide the bike, gear, route help, education, and more!

Pandemic Bike Joy

During the past year, our friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues have shared countless stories about finding joy while riding a bike. Here is our effort to collect those stories and to amplify the joy. If you’d like to share your story about finding joy on two wheels, we’d love to include it in the collection.

Bikes Make Life Better in 60 Seconds

Got 60 seconds? Find out how bikes really do make life better for fast-growing companies who care about healthy, sustainable transportation.

Meet our team

Meet the team behind Bikes Make Life Better and a sneak peak of our work.

Photo & Video Gallery

Pictures tell stories better than words. Take a look at our wide array of work: customized bike fleets, EOT bike facilitates, group rides, events and more.