Bikes Make Life Better is the first business-to-business firm dedicated entirely to helping organizations use bicycles to achieve core business objectives.

Our vision is to integrate bikes into corporate culture to impact people, the planet and profitability. We do this through a combination of consulting, discounted product sales and ongoing operational support.

Best Practices Guides

Want to know more about how we think and see how we can help? Deep dive in one of our latest guides: They’re full of insights for companies that want to push their business forward with bikes.

Workplace Bicycle Safety Re-entry Guidelines

America has rediscovered bicycling during shelter-in-place. Employers must take advantage of this moment by encouraging employees to commute back to a safe, bike-friendly workplace. These safety guidelines cover the steps needed to create a safe, COVID-free work environment, from the bike room to the desk.

Bike (Back) to Work: How to Motivate Employees to Ride Now and When Offices Re-Open

Now — possibly more than any other time in recent history — is the best time to nudge people to use pedal-power. Check out our guide on strategies for shifting people to bikes during this time, including a Bikes Make Life Better video series.

The Bike Pathway for Low Carbon Companies

Since transportation is the largest source of carbon emissions in the US—most of which come from cars—the path to saving our home and (quite frankly) our lives is to change how we get around.

Bike-To-Work Day Guide: How To Engage Your Employees

Bike to Work Day is a perfect opportunity to engage your employees and often the gateway into bike commuting. Read our guide to get you started and prepare for the big day.

Bike Parking For Employers & Developers: A Guide To End-of-Trip Facilities

We’re seeing the dawning of a new age of the bicycle, where bike rooms, bike amenities and comprehensive end-of-trip bike facilities are now standard issue in the Bay Area.

Company Bike Fleets: A Guide to Bikes as Business Tools

Whether employees at your company need to get around a congested city or you need to cut down on car trips to your corporate campus, we’ve got a bike (program) that can help!

Corporate Bike Programs: A Guide To Best Practices

Being bike friendly has moved from a nice idea to an important and valuable sustainable business strategy. Read our best practices and ideas to find out where to get started.

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