Bike programs

Building with Bikes in Mind: Five Things To Know

The bike boom is not slowing down and best-of-class bike parking solutions are becoming a competitive advantage. Fortunately, bike parking is a relatively small investment.

Would you go back to the office if your company provided an e-bike?

As tech companies look to lure workers back to office, some are offering incentives to make the daily commute a little more tolerable. That sometimes means making it easier to commute by bicycle or, increasingly, e-bike—a mode of transport that exploded during the pandemic.

From Reticent to Regular Rider — Using a Behavior Change Model to Design Effective Bike Programs

We know from experience that no single class, incentive, or approach will motivate someone to shift from their car to a bike. That’s because behavior change is a process with distinct stages. So how do you know what interventions and programming will work?