Building with Bikes in Mind: Five Things To Know

The bike boom is not slowing down and best-of-class bike parking solutions are becoming a competitive advantage. Fortunately, bike parking is a relatively small investment. Especially when you think of the astronomical cost of a parking space: typically $10,000 to $30,000 per space (see Donald Shoup’s groundbreaking book The High Cost of Free Parking for the thorough breakdown of cost factors). Then there’s the monthly maintenance cost per space — usually several hundred dollars.

Would you go back to the office if your company provided an e-bike?

As tech companies look to lure workers back to office, some are offering incentives to make the daily commute a little more tolerable. That sometimes means making it easier to commute by bicycle or, increasingly, e-bike—a mode of transport that exploded during the pandemic.

How to Launch a Successful Corporate E-Bike Loaner Program

Given the post-pandemic landscape, we strongly believe e-bikes will be an effective tool in fighting the back-to-work carmageddon. The reasons are multifold: E-bikes are naturally a socially-distanced mode; they’re on-demand and efficient — riders aren’t beholden to bus schedules and won’t get stuck in traffic; and they’re an equalizer — they work well for those who don’t think of themselves as cyclists; aren’t in tip-top physical shape; have a commute that’s longer than a few miles; or need to haul kiddos and groceries.

Bike (Back) to Work: How to Motivate Employees to Ride Now and When Offices Re-Open

COVID-19 has upended life as we know it, including our well-laid plans for Bike Month and Day. So what do we do now? Watch Bikes Make Life Better’s very own Anna Walters discuss how we can use these circumstances to our advantage and nudge people to use pedal-power!

Bike (Back) to Work: How to Motivate Employees to Ride Now and When Offices Re-Open

Now — possibly more than any other time in recent history — is the best time to nudge people to use pedal-power. Check out our guide on strategies for shifting people to bikes during this time, including a Bikes Make Life Better video series.

Bikes Make Life Better Turns 10!

We’re popping the champagne to celebrate ten years of bikes making life better! It seems like just yesterday that we landed our first client (one of the most influential companies on the planet too!) and did a happy dance around our "office" aka kitchen table. We’re incredibly grateful to have made it this far, and couldn’t have done it without … YOU!

Strategies for Making Every Day Bike to Work Day

Heidi Speight, Workplace Specialist at Tableau in Seattle, harnesses the power of dedicated Bike Ambassadors to get hundreds of Seattle employees and hundreds more worldwide to ride on Bike to Work Day and during National Bike Month. Learn how she does it.

Building Bike Culture Through Infrastructure, Programs and Engagement

We just love LinkedIn’s Platinum-level bike program — from the sleek blue bikes employees use to hop between buildings to its innovative “Blue Line” bike pathway, recognized as best-in-class bike infrastructure by PeopleForBikes.

Rain or Shine: How Facebook Seattle Empowers Employees to Ride

Metro Seattle – and its large employers – have made a major commitment to getting employees out of their cars and onto bikes. Despite ongoing challenges like rain and construction throughout the city, the results are impressive. This Online Bike Forum shares proven tips and techniques to help you empower your employees to bike to work – rain or shine.

Meet Our Mobile Bike Info Centers

We love bikes and are crazy about them when they do double duty! Think pedicabs with a sound system, a blender bike making smoothies or a roving conference table! That’s why we jumped when Stanford Research Park asked us to create a mobile, eye-catching, and flexible solution to take bike-related info to 30,000 employees at 150 companies spread out over roughly three square miles.