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Micromobility: How to Integrate “Little Vehicles” Into Your Transportation Programs

Bikes Make Life Better has taken a deep dive into the realm of shared bicycles, scooters, and other small vehicles to understand their nuances and programmatic applications. Watch this Online Bike Forum where we discussed what’s happening with “little vehicles” right now, including use cases, types of systems, facilities, tech, policy, and how companies and universities are thinking about integrating micromobility into their transportation plans.

Bike Access & Circulation Planning

A nationwide real estate developer came to Bikes Make Life Better with a clear and visionary request: create a comprehensive approach to bike infrastructure that will help realize their multi-phase, mixed-use urban re-development project as a vibrant, healthy and active neighborhood.

End-of-Trip Bike Facilities Planning & Design

The owner of a well-established multi-tenant office district wanted state-of-the-art bike amenities for its tenants—and future tenants—so they turned to Bikes Make Life Better for help. Their request: turn a large first-floor retail space into best-in-class bike facilities, including secure bike parking, showers and lockers, and a bike shop.

Bikeshare Feasibility Studies

The landlords of a large multi-tenant office park needed to explore all transportation options to keep up with their rapid growth. Bikes Make Life Better conducted a bikeshare feasibility study to determine if and how to select the right bikeshare system for their evolving needs.

How PeopleForBikes is Helping Northwest Arkansas Employers Be Bike Friendly

Northwest Arkansas is on the path to becoming the most bike-friendly spot in the U.S. From the 250 miles of mountain biking trails in the region to the Razorback Regional Greenway, a 37.6 mile shared-use trail spanning three counties. NWA's latest play to boost bike-friendliness comes from PeopleForBikes, who recently launched a five-year Bike Business Innovation Program aimed at increasing the number of employees who bike to and from workplaces in Northwest Arkansas. Soon NWA will truly have it all when it comes to bikes!

How Google Kept Employees Riding and Grew its Global Bike Community During a Pandemic

We’re in a new era of hybrid work where homes double as offices and the daily commute seems like a relic. The need to broaden our bike programs and offerings has never been more clear. Luckily, we have an excellent example to follow: Over the past 18 months, Google managed to expand the scope of its bike program, encouraging Googlers to bike, whether they’re riding to work, riding for fun, or riding outside of the Bay Area company’s headquarters.

Pandemic Bike Joy

During the past year, our friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues have shared countless stories about finding joy while riding a bike. Here is our effort to collect those stories and to amplify the joy. If you’d like to share your story about finding joy on two wheels, we’d love to include it in the collection.

How Rubrik Launched a Popular Electric Bike and Scooter Program

Bikes are generally hot ticket items right now, but electric bikes are seriously supercharged (sorry, we can’t help ourselves). Silicon Valley is catching on to the e-bike craze, and Rubrik was one of the first companies to launch its own e-bike loaner program, providing employees there with free electric bikes to use for their commutes or to get around during the day.

How to Launch a Successful Corporate E-Bike Loaner Program

Given the post-pandemic landscape, we strongly believe e-bikes will be an effective tool in fighting the back-to-work carmageddon. The reasons are multifold: E-bikes are naturally a socially-distanced mode; they’re on-demand and efficient — riders aren’t beholden to bus schedules and won’t get stuck in traffic; and they’re an equalizer — they work well for those who don’t think of themselves as cyclists; aren’t in tip-top physical shape; have a commute that’s longer than a few miles; or need to haul kiddos and groceries.

How Facebook’s Bike Program Shifted to 100% Virtual

Biking is rooted in the experiential, so how, then, do you create a bike program in the age of Zoom-every-which-thing? With smart innovations and a willingness to embrace technology, Facebook’s team of Bicycle Program Coordinators have found creative ways to engage employees, even when very few are commuting to the office.