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The Bike Pathway for Low Carbon Companies

Since transportation is the largest source of carbon emissions in the US—most of which come from cars—the path to saving our home and (quite frankly) our lives is to change how we get around.

What’s in the Water, Seattle?

What Seattle can teach us about driving less, growing more, and being bike-friendly Recently, I was bowled over by a headline: “New Commute Seattle data shows that driving alone is now the alternative mode” Huh? Really? I was more than a little skeptical. Only in towns with cobblestone streets, or cities that ban cars (Paris), […]

Meet our team

Meet the team behind Bikes Make Life Better and a sneak peak of our work.

Bike Parking: Smart Developers Build for Bikes (And Their Owners)

Meet Jeff. He’s a 25-year old engineer who works long hours shaping the future of technology. He doesn’t own a car, but has four bicycles. He rides one to work, two on the weekends and keeps the fourth because he won it in a bet. Jeff’s neighbor is Leanne. She’s 31, a financial analyst, married […]