Bike Commute Makeover

If you’ve never tried riding to work before, but are excited to give it a go when your workplace is open, tell us why you’d be a good candidate and you could win a bike commute makeover. You provide the can-do attitude, and we’ll provide the bike, gear, route help, education, and more!

Pandemic Bike Joy

During the past year, our friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues have shared countless stories about finding joy while riding a bike. Here is our effort to collect those stories and to amplify the joy. If you’d like to share your story about finding joy on two wheels, we’d love to include it in the collection.

Top 10 Reasons to be Excited About the Future of Bikes for Transportation

Before the pandemic hit, we asked our staff: “What excites you most about the future of bikes for transportation?” Here are the top 10 reasons they cited, and we’re astounded by how true these ring now, buttressed by a global cycling boom.

5 Ways to Fight the SOV-Backslide

We know that the most appealing commute modes in a post-shelter-in-place world will be ones that feel safe and separated from others. And although we hope that employees won’t opt to drive alone, we certainly understand the impulse to “steel” themselves against a scary and little-understood virus. However, there are ways to nudge employees to choose the healthy, socially-distanced option: Biking! See five ways employers can help fight the SOV backslide.

Top 10 Reasons to Ride

Here at Bikes Make Life Better, we’re still finding ways to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. Now more than ever is the perfect time to remember why we all chose to bike in the first place. See our top 10 reasons to ride relayed by our superstar staff.

Bike (Back) to Work: How to Motivate Employees to Ride Now and When Offices Re-Open

Now — possibly more than any other time in recent history — is the best time to nudge people to use pedal-power. Check out our guide on strategies for shifting people to bikes during this time, including a Bikes Make Life Better video series.

Bike Love in the Time of COVID-19

There’s a good chance your world has shrunk due to COVID-19. Your work has been disrupted. The situation is certainly dire, but it’s not without silver linings. For instance, now — possibly more than any other time in recent history — is the perfect time to bike, either for the first time or the first time in awhile.

E-Bikes Make Life Faster, the Commuter Challenge Edition

Hi, I’m Kurt. I’m one of the founders of Bikes Make Life Better. I spend most of my time managing the company, which sometimes means heading to Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park where we run a large bike program.

Motivating Stanford Research Park Employees to Bike Commute

Stanford Research Park is home to 150+ companies spread over 700 acres. Given their commitment to sustainable transportation, the Research Park has a robust bike program. Learn how they do it to engage more of your employees to drive less and ride more!

Wellness Programs: The data, the impact, and the case for bikes

Wellness perks and programs have become a mainstay for corporations everywhere, from the conditional — like discounts on premiums for employees who score well on health assessments, to gentle nudges — like voluntary group fitness at work or workplace meditation rooms. Learn how to make the case and incorporate bikes!