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How to Motivate Employees to Ride Now and When Offices Re-Open

Now — possibly more than any other time in recent history — is the best time to nudge people to use pedal-power. Check out our guide on strategies for shifting people to bikes during this time, including a Bikes Make Life Better video series.

5 Ways to Fight the SOV-Backslide

The most appealing commute modes in a post-shelter-in-place world will be ones that feel safe and separated from others. And while we understand the impulse to drive alone, there are ways to nudge employees to choose the healthy, socially-distanced option: Biking! See five ways employers can help fight the SOV backslide.

Workplace Bicycle Safety Re-entry Guidelines

America has rediscovered bicycling during shelter-in-place. Employers must take advantage of this moment by encouraging employees to commute back to a safe, bike-friendly workplace. These safety guidelines cover the steps needed to create a safe, COVID-free work environment, from the bike room to the desk.

The Rise of e-Bikes
(Photo by Leslie Kehmeier / PeopleForBikes)

E-bikes are one of the fastest growing categories of bicycle sales in the U.S., with 80% more e-bikes sold in 2017 over 2016 (approx. 260,000 units). What’s the reality behind this explosive growth and how is it driving change for people and our industry?