The Mobile Bike Concierge



How does a business park with nearly 30,000 employees encourage and enable more bike commuting?


Establish a regular presence, on site, of friendly, bicycle-knowledgeable people to answer questions and provide useful information.

For Stanford Research Park (SRP) — a business park of 150 companies with nearly 30,000 employees — disseminating information to commuters is challenging.

Not all employees use the commute platform, a good starting place for bike, transit, and other green transportation resources and, each company has its own way of communicating with employees. Physical distance between companies in the park — sometimes up to 3 miles — poses additional challenges for in-person outreach. Employees are unlikely to travel for a “Bike Commuting 101” class, especially if they have to hop in their cars to do it.

Stanford Research Park asked Bikes Make Life Better to come up with a mobile, eye-catching and flexible solution to take bike-related info and one-to-one help to employees throughout the Research Park.

Enter: the Mobile Bike Concierge!

What is the Bike Concierge? It’s an e-bike with a trailer-mounted “pop-up” information center, operated by a friendly, knowledgeable Bikes Make Life Better bike specialist.

The e-bike allows the Concierge to easily move around the park with all the supplies needed for a pop-up info session. The info center stores an umbrella, chairs, an A-frame sign, maps and other materials. Once parked, the Mobile Concierge makes an impressive info station for sharing tips and advice to enable more bike commuting.


The SRP Mobile Concierge made its maiden voyage last April and engaged 50 employees its first day over the lunch period. It’s been cruising around the business park — making stops at Earth Day fairs, Bike-to-Work Day celebrations and popping up outside employer cafes — ever since!

With one-to-one employee engagement, SRP employees can feel comfortable asking questions they once thought were embarrassing or just didn’t know quite how or what to ask. The Bike Concierge is a place for the interested-but-concerned to start a conversation about bicycle commuting. The Bikes Make Life Better team then continues to help via email, monthly bike newsletters, events, the transportation platform, and other forms of 1:1 communication.