Workplace Bicycle Safety
Re-entry Guidelines

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This Safety Guidelines report covers two main areas:

  • General safety guidelines for work facilities and employees
  • Safety guidelines that pertain specifically to bicycle commuting

The General Safety Guidelines section includes references to office re-entry recommendations from leading public health and facilities organizations such as the CDC, OSHA, EPA, and ASHRAE, among others.

The Bicycle Commuting Safety Guidelines cover multiple topics including:

  • End of Trip Facility Guidelines: This includes a comprehensive list of all of the safe re-entry issues you need to consider regarding the route a bike commuter takes from the time they dismount to reaching their desk. It also offers COVID specific recommendations and options.
  • Bike Parking Alternatives: Social distancing safety measures require creative solutions to bicycle parking. This section offers both policy recommendations and easy-to-implement parking concepts, including product references.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: A successful safety plan not only requires preparation for the return of employees, but must remain a nimble and iterative process that continues while employees are back at the workplace. The Data Collection and Analysis section provides specific recommendations for how to track and build upon the success of your Bike Commute Re-entry plan.

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